WealthObjects: Where Attaining Wealth is the Objective

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Uday Bhaskar Nimmakayala, Founder & CEO, WealthObjectsUday Bhaskar Nimmakayala, Founder & CEO
In the financial market, the wrong investment can lead to losses of epic proportions, and wealth managers need to be extremely wary of every possibility of a problem rising. One company, WealthObjects, a B2B FinTech vendor, based out of London, England, is coming to the aid of these professionals, and financial institutions by offering solutions that provide automation of online investments processes and banking propositions. The technology firm conducts its business across various monetary sectors in Europe, Asia, and South Africa. Led by Uday Bhaskar Nimmakayala, Founder and CEO, WealthObjects is a fully employee-owned business with a management that has over 100 years of collective expertise in the investment banking space.

The solution that WealthObjects deploys is primarily solicited to financial services clients and can be run as an interactive website, on-premise app or hybrid platform. Automation can bring optimum operations to a business floor, and the financial segment is no less. For this purpose, the FinTech solution provider, offers a digital advice platform. Powered by AI, the software can deliver feedback in real-time and a very cost-efficient manner. Its customer-centric proprietary algorithms allow for personalized guidance based on the user. For companies in the financial space that has hybrid advisory models, WealthObjects platform aids them with superior insights that enable them to scale new heights and attract more digital-oriented consumers.

The current scenario in the financial market has seen many investors looking to design their own ventures, and explore the many wonders of the financial landscape, for these individuals WealthObjects provides a direct-to-consumer (D2C) program through their product. It allows users to enjoy a clear path right from implementation through to post-investment ongoing engagements. Besides, these superior technologies, the company understands the need to have savings towards the end of an individual’s career and assists clients with business in this sector attain customers at retirement and decumulation stages.

The solution that WealthObjects deploys is primarily solicited to financial services clients, and can be run as an interactive website, on-premise app or hybrid platform

WealthObjects has customers across many financial sectors, namely, insurance, retail banks, and professionals in the wealth and asset management arena. Subject to WealthObjects recent success stories, a large European bank approached the FinTech provider, seeking assistance with the optimization of the bank’s newest financial venture. Elated by the opportunity to partner with a leading financial institution, WealthObjects went on to deliver a solution that boosted the entire operations of the bank’s latest technology implementations. The client was able to see immediate results both in the experience it provides to its customers in the wealth management spectrum as well as financially. The excitement was escalated further when the solution was named as a finalist in the 2018 Gartner Eye on Innovation Award list for Financial Services in the EMEA.

Having won many awards, and leading many clients to financial success, WealthObjects continues to grow as a leader in the wealth management spectrum. The company has increased its workforce to service its many customers across three continents over the last year and is prepared at all times to offer them the support that is aided by an advanced knowledge of the internal workings of the financial world.